IDA encapsulates all stages of a project beginning from preliminary planning right down to the project hand over.

Each stage is further detailed in the phases with a process as outlined below:

  1. Planning
    IDA consults with the architects in creating interior layouts and designs, material and furniture selections and interior sketches that satisfy the client requirements.
  2. Concept Design
    IDA develops material, furniture selections and interior sketches to establish basic design directions.
  3. Design Development
    IDA then prepares drawings, sufficient for the architect & other consultants to incorporate IDA’s interior design information into their construction documents & specification.
  4. Design Documentation
    IDA prepares and submits a set of coordinated detailed design drawings, schedules and specifications.
  5. Value Engineering
    After the contract of the Interior design package is submitted, IDA will assist the client/ project managers in value engineering/ negotiating bids and the FF&E purchase.
  6. Design Implementation
    Final part of this stage involves implementation of IDA designed work on site.

TURNKEY Projects

When constructing or renovating interior spaces the client must meet a number of specific requirements that are time consuming and require specialist knowledge.

We have this expert knowledge and can take on the entire project, managing it and delivering a turnkey interior that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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